Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card with Adapter – 2 Pack

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New Kingston 2GB MicroSD Card with Adapter - 2 Pack, for $6.49 + $5 shipping
Product: 2x Kingston SDC/2GB Micro SD Card with Adapter

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I bought one of these for $14 not 3 months ago, they work great and i love it…holds so much music on my phone

Nice! In for 2.

Gee, I’m glad I bought the single ones at 5.99 less than 2 month ago.

I’m in for 4, good deal

i just bought this 3-4 weeks ago from here except it was 1 pack for the same price.


does this work with a Sansa media player?

Decent price I guess. Woot previously had them, on at least 2 occasions, for $5.99 each. This includes the last woot-off. I’m just not too enthusiastic over it, since I bought 6 previously for the afore mentioned price of $5.99 each. Sour grapes…

w00t- waiting on these to come back around- in for one…errr two

Reliable memory at a solid price.

Good woot.

wow, like 2 months ago, i bought 3 of these at $8 something apiece from woot. i hope they aren’t sold out by the time my brother wakes up with his credit card =D

Interesting they blanked out where the original picture said “JAPAN” since so many of us got Taiwanese cards.

I’ve only opened and used 1 of the 3 I ordered last time they had these, and that card failed in under a week. Kingston led me around in email support circles for a week before finally telling me they can’t issue RMAs over email and I need to call to get it replaced. (which I’ve been lazy about doing and I really need to do)

Be careful with these.

Is this the kind that will work in my Sansa? I haven’t kept up on all these card formats…

I bought. This is incredibly cheap.

CNET might have some useful insights on this one… or not.

The 1 GB version gets rave reviews via Buzzillions peeps. I imagine the 2GB is similar enough…

This is an extremely good deal, especially with it being Kingston brand that offers great Lifetime Warranty and they really do send u a new one if your old one messes up without hassle, too bad i already have a ton of these things

nice this is like this last sd deal they had but better brand

Anyone successfully used these work with Vista’s Ready Boost?

will this work with the sansa e270 mp3 player?