Kingston 32GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drive

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Kingston 32GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drive
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Kingston DT102/32GB 32GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drive

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no this will not work with your xbox 360 unless you partion the flash drive

Is there an LED on this and if so, what color is it?

Does this support any type of DES encryption? I wouldn’t want to use a thumb drive this large without it!

For such a large size, pretty slow write speed. I have a 16gb that writes at 20mb/sec. I like the capacity but the write speed makes me pass.

Product Website

I’m just wondering how the read/write speed of this drive compares to other 32GB flash drives?..

Absolutely brilliant product description!

And so it ends :frowning:

As for the drive, not a bad deal compared to elsewhere:

This is the cheapest I’ve seen a 32GB Flash Drive. I purchase computer crap for a Hospital and the ones I looked at today were all over $50.

This would be great for a ps3, once formatted to fat32.

I have been waiting for these to go down in price and finally, $1.25 per GB. Wonderful, bought one.

seems like a steal at that price

its at least 50% more elsewhere online

32GB? I’m so in.

And so the saga of Mr. Meier begins…

Write speed (5MB/s, I think) may be too slow for me, but this is a great price nonetheless.

why do you say that? i am using a 32GB drive with my Xbox 360, unpartitioned.

*10MB/sec. read, 5MB/sec. write

This is laughable. If you don’t need the space go get a 30MB/s r/w stick. Those are generally 8gig for $20, but it’s much faster.

awesome. flash drive prices have finally reached those of harddrives in 2003. $1/gig