Kingston 32GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drive

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How does this compare, speedwise, with other 32 GB flash drives?..

$64.99 on

Does the cap snap on to the back end, or is it something I’m just gonna lose?..

Looks like it’s tapered enough to just slide on tight to the back end.

thats over a dollar a gig, no thanks

It doesn’t, according to one Amazon image.

The cap does not snap on the end that was one of the things i was disappointed with

I got sustained 5-8mb/sec write and 20mb/sec read off it testing it using a free benchmarking tool. Took about 10 mins to copy down 12gb of mp3s to it

Be careful with this… the read/write speeds are bad.

You won’t want to be doing any major file activity on this… and it might not be good enough to be a readyboost drive.

I bought one of these for the same price on the regular Woot.

I have not measured the speed, but it did not seem especially slow nor especially fast.

It’s a 32 gig usb drive. It just works.

It would take about 1hour 47minutes to fill the entire drive, assuming it was writing at top speed the entire time.

How about USB 3.0 compatibility?..

I just received this in the mail from the last sale on this flash drive about a month ago. It is small and easy to keep in your pocket or pack with attachable key chains. With the 10MB/s Read and 5MB/s Write which is kinda slow if your trying to save a large amount of data fast… but for the price it is well worth the buy!

That is a lot of gigs, and I can live with ten minutes…

Apparently you have no idea that 32gb flash drives go for 55+ the cheapest 32gb flash on google shopping is 55 + 8 shipping 63.99 shipped vs 44.99 shipped so this is still 19 dollars cheaper then the cheapest drive you can find without digging for coupons etc.

Reviews at Google Products

Let’s assume for a moment it will write at 8mb/s for the entire 32GB. This brings the time to write data to the entire drive under 1hour 7minutes.

I use these all the time. The majority of my flash memory is Kingston. Never had a problem. This is a very solid brand and a really nice price. I’ll need to make up a good reason for buying 2

Oh your god! Are you from the future?!!??!!? Tell me, what is web 3.0 like?

You can’t make that assumption when read/write speeds are variable. You should assume 5 mb/sec (the slower rate), which gives the 1 hr 47 minute rate previously noted.

That being said, price wise, this is fantastic (although 6 months from now, who knows).