Kingston 32GB microSD Card

Kingston 32GB microSD Card

Was just looking at this deal and was like, yeah this is probably gonna be next.

This is a deal? Available at Amazon for $8.90 Prime.

[Mod: Ours is faster and a Class 3 (30MB/sec). The one the customer is referring to is Class 10 (10MB/sec).]

The one you’re referring to on Amazon is only a Class 10, which is 10MB/sec. Ours is faster and is a Class 3 which is 30MB/sec.

Yeah, but if you’re OK with a slower speed, you can get MUCH more bang for the buck elsewhere. I just picked up a 256GB card for $40 a week ago, from Ama…you know who. I just use it for extra movie/music storage on my laptop and it runs just perfectly.

This is a Samsung card. The 128GB (four times the capacity of this offer) is $20 (only twice the price). Listed read speed is slightly faster than this Kingston, listed write speed is much higher. I use these cards in my bridge camera with 4K video recording.