Kingston 4GB Class 6 SDHC Card

I feel ripped, would have been better on a Two for Tuesday.

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Kingston 4GB Class 6 SDHC Card
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Kingston 4GB Class 6 SDHC Card, 20MB/sec Write Speed, Lifetime Warranty

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100% agree. I lost precious sleep to see a $5 memory card.

will it work smooth with a crackberry?

One thing I like about this brand is they usually, in my experience, aren’t made in China. Usually Taiwan and/or Japan.

Is this thing Wii compatible or no?

What is the difference between the different classes of SD Cards?

Product Website

If you have an internal card reader on your laptop/desktop, you can use this to speed up your system via ReadyBoost, assuming that you have Windows Vista or Windows 7.

These things usually go for about $2/Gb, so the price (incl. shipping) is meh for one, good for two, and great for three.

> would have been better on two-for Tuesday.

I agree.


Higher classes = faster. If you’re recording video, there’s a minimum class* required to keep up with the video stream. If still pics, a faster card can reduce the between-pics delay.

(**Which * class is required depends on your camera.)

Ironically, with video, there’s no real benefit to using a card faster than the minimum.

I actually own two of these. The Class 6 helps speed wise with pictures, and have been reliable. Holds plenty of photos. I agree that the $5 shipping makes me pause, but I spent about $10 on sale for 1 about a year ago.


Here is a Review from Digital Photography Review…

If you need more than one, this is a good price. The going rate for a 4GB class 6 card is ~$10 shipped. On sale you can find them cheaper, or 8 gig cards in the ~$15 range. I think in the run up to black friday we’ll see a lot of 4gb cards in the $5 range, but I expect those to be class 4 or lower.

For comparison:
Newegg link Meritline Link

$40 at Amazon, because some guy has five left over from the lot he bought three years ago and dammit, he’s not selling them for less, even if the 8GB is selling for less than half that.


I bought one of these things about a year ago for 30 bucks to use in my Canon Vixia camcorder and it works perfectly for video. I cant believe they are so inexpensive today!

woot! nails this price down!