Kingston 4GB USB 2.0 Data Traveler Thumbdrive

I’m in for 3… one for me, the wife and a co-worker that saw my screen when I was thinking about it…

My first sell-out woot! Now I’ve completed the trifecta :slight_smile:

Do you think 4 gb is big enough to put ubuntu on?

Post 100 yay

These do have a post to attach a lanyard to but it’s oddly shaped such that you can’t attach a rigid key ring. I have a little lanyard thing from an older thumbdrive that works by pushing a loop through and then running the lanyard through the loop. It work alright, but it would be nice to have it on my keychain.

In for 3. I lose thumb drives like crazy. Always need replacements.

i bought 6 last time they had them on the 2fer tuesday… (3 sets of 2) and i sold 3 for 15 a piece and kept 3. id like to get rid of the last one as i only need 2 but its not big deal i guess

Yea, when we’re sold out we only charge $2.99 shipped.

I wish I could get like 9 or so. I want to create a huge RAID and use it as a server just for the heck of it.

I only got my 3, but I totally would get 6 or 9. Dang woot limit.


Did anyone get an extra drive by any chance? I ordered two drives but only got one with my order.

Contacted woot via e-mail last Friday, but still haven’t heard back yet. Anyone know how quickly they response to inquiries?

Wow, you already got yours… I just received notice of shipment… won’t be in my hands for another week or so.

I still haven’t gotten mine. I ordered 3 and, according to fedex tracking, it’s on its way to DENVER, CO! I LIVE IN GA! WTF?! It went from Texas to Atlanta, GA and then to Denver, Colorado.

I still have not received mine - last tracking had it in Greensboro, NC - about 60 miles up the road from me. That was 4 days ago and I haven’t seen it yet!

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