Kingston 4GB USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Data Traveler

1 Kingston 4GB USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Data Traveler

$6.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

very very tempting after the 2fer deal on woot a few weeks back but i can not justif the shipping after such a good deal last time… sry woot

i’d get it but i just picked up an 8gb from a few woots ago :smiley:

Funny how my datatraveler was anything but hi-speed.
Or it could be all my other USB drives were faster than it.

100/100 on alatest…,64/

Is this any good for booting off of? I’ve read people say they are known for being slooow… any truth to that rumor?

Decent woot at that price, but if I buy 3, they will be $9 after shipping and Texas sales tax. I can get them for only slightly more than that at Fry’s every Friday. Tempting, though. I can always use some of these.

is this win vista ready boost compatible?

i found mine to be slow as well, also they are more of a reddish color.

in for 3, hadn’t been a purchaser for a while . . . . time to get back into the game I suppose

Nope. I wish it was.


I had to re-format the ones I got on two-pack Tuesday to NTFS, and then they worked with ReadyBoost.

omg the one that woot had like 2 weeks ago were ready boost compatible???

How fast is “Hi-Speed Data Traveler”? Same old slow 10/5 MB/sec?

We need useful specs!

Don’t buy Flash drives unless it is truly an amazing price (this price for an 8GB or above would be good) or if you need one right now. Otherwise you will be very annoyed when the price steps down a notch in 2 months and you have too many unused ones laying around.

$10 with free shipping is a typical web bargain price for a Kingston 4GB drive now. I got one for that price a month ago.

2 users rated it! wow.

Found some benchmarks here:

In short, though, it wouldn’t be much use for readyboost.

That’s odd. Why would a flash drive have different speeds based on file size? Seek time should be zero. Maybe a little disk in there spinning? l o l

O’ woot you knew I snoozed/loosed it on these from the 2 fer tuesday! In for 3! since my memory is not what it used to be…