Kingston 8GB Class 4 microSD

not again!!!

Wow! That is original!
(why am I always 2nd?!?)

yayyy I need more SD cards.

Why does it say capacity: 4g in the description? 0,o

Odd the description says 4Gig, not 8Gig.

same price for 1 unit at microcenter… pass

Everyone needs an extra for their digital cameras.

I want 15!

It’s not the same. This time the micro is pictured on the right side, not the left.

I have one of these in my Acekard2i for my NDS and it works perfectly. Highly recommended.

Too bad this wasn’t the whole kit with the usb adapter for the microSD card. Those are nice to have.

I just woke up, and it dosnt look like I missed much. I need a woot killer now so I can go shower real quick…

Wha s better…Class 1 or Class 4?

Hmmm, guess since I got the regulars I can pass on the micros. Hmmmm.

better deal on amazon

8 GB with a 4 GB capacity?

8GB Class 4

in for 1 - this will be a nice upgrade for my phone

So waht is it? 4GB or 8GB? The title says 8GB, but the specs say only a 4GB capacity. C’mon woot