Kingston 8GB USB 2.0 Data Traveler 100

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Kingston 8GB USB 2.0 Data Traveler 100
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Kingston DT100/8GB USB 2.0 Data Traveler 100

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In for 2


great price… but I already have enough of these to last me a good while.

is this readyboost ok?

late to the game with this. been tons of sales for this price, WITHOUT shipping :frowning:

wow what a nice price… deffinately in for one…thanks woot

condition: New

finally, something non-refurbished!

oh and as for question above… it’ll work wherever any other USB drive will, so it should be fine.

8 gigs for $20??? Today is a far cry from when I was buying a 256Mb jump drive for $40. Nice woot.

Good price, massive storage file!

Yes, I use it exactly for that purpose.

Is there a key ring hole on this?

12 dollars…

(Mod’s note: Yes, we know it’s a 1 gig.)

4.5 stars on Amazon. This seems like a good idea…

36.99 w free ship at the egg. I guess its a good price but it seems high.

omg i got tons of flash drives but not an 8gig… can i just pick it up or send a self addressed stamped envelope coz $5 shipping is a lot for this little things… fine… i didnt complain when my i spent $5 on 2 pc few months ago… ok im in for two…

In my experience, Microcenter brand flash drives have extremely slow write speeds.

good price for a 8gb, isn’t too bad either, but i don’t see anything about its write speed… most likely our culprit.

The reviews on amazon say no