Kingston Brass Faucet - Your Choice

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Kingston Brass Faucet - Your Choice
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This is the kind I’ve been waiting for. Can it be installed on a sink with three holes? It looks like the base will cover the other two, but one of the photos shows it without the base. Is that for if you have other things - like a soap dispenser and water filter - to come through the holes?

Lets check out the product page and solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at

I would like to buy a new kitchen faucet and I like the way this one looks. I know these faucets were sold on Woot before so I would like to hear comments from some woot owners. I took a look at some reviews at Amazon and those reviews are kind of mixed.

It looks like the base is exactly to cover the two holes. This what is one reviewer at HD says.

Are you sure this isn’t the product page?

You’re right. Your link goes to the same item. The faucet that Home Depot link goes to is a different product.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago and my sink has three holes and it covered the outer two. So, the answer to your question is, yes.

I bought two last time. One for an outdoor kitchen and one for inside. Install was easy and I’ve had no problems with it. I also found a soap dispenser on Amazon to match for about $20.

This is a crazy good deal. I got the one about a month ago almost identical to this for $129. If you’re in the market for a new faucet and like the design, go for it. I love mine.

the reviews aren’t great on amazon, although the one on amazons pics isn’t exactly the same model. different buttons on the spout.

the wife and i like these but just cant seem to find the right one.

our sink/countertop is a little different. we have 4 holes, but the right hole is actually where the main faucet goes since it’s in the middle of the 2 parts of the sink and then the other 3 holes are to the left of that…pull up handle, sprayer and soap dispenser.

it’s very hard to find something that will match, replace the faucet/handle/sprayer that can also be put on the far right hole and cover up the other holes.

do they have separate single hole covers that are tight/waterproof/match the finish?

Anyone have an actual model number?

I bought this a few months ago on woot and we are having problems with it.
The buttons that switch the stream are sticky and won’t fully depress, so we get a little bit of both the outer and inner spray. It feels like the gaskets in the mechanism are wore out or something.

Others asked about installation. The flange that mounts to the sink is pretty flimsy. It will cover the 3 hole sinks (barely)
After installation the upper portion of the faucet seems flopppy. When you try to spin it left or right its kind of springy and doesn’t want to stay where you put it.
Overall I wouldn’t recommend it.
In my rental house I have the same style faucet that is much higher quality and have had no issues with it. I was hoping for that same thing with this one, but overall it has been a disappointment.
There’s a reason they are trying to offload these for a low price

Well, I’m in for one. I’m pretty sure the faucet I have now came with the house when it was built about 20 years ago so I am ready for a new one. $80 is worth a try, at least. Hopefully it lasts longer than just a try.

This is what I used to cover the extra holes (minus the soap dispenser)
Don’t get the snap in version, they will rust and have no gaskets. If you have a thin sink like myself, the faucet will be a bit floppy. I think it is really designed for an undermount sink. And Sloth, yes it has hot and cold on one handle. HTH.

From what I read the baseplate is 10" long.

Appears to be $124 at HD…w/ soap dispenser.

If you go to a plumbing supply house, you can get covers that will cover the holes in just about any finish you want. The covers are actually called “Cock-hole Covers” and most supply houses will have the common finishes in stock and can get the uncommon ones in a matter of a few days.

And the base plate is designed to cover the standard 3-hole sink. If you have a 4-hole, you will also want to get a cover, or some other accessory, to put in the fourth hole.

I am a plumber and just want to add a couple of thoughts. I have zero experience with this brand of faucet, but most faucets can be categorized into three categories.

First is the Consumer line. This is what you find mostly in your big box stores. I call it eye-candy. Usually plated plastic. It looks good, but offers little or no value to the home. Big box stores love to sell this due to high profit margins.

Then there is Contractor quality. This is purchased from a reputable supply house. This offers the best blend of cost, function, quality, and appearance. As a contractor, you would want to keep cost low, but also not risk your reputation by installing junk. Reputation is usually more important then profit.

The third is Commercial quality. This is usually all brass with quality plating and heavy. If you held a commercial faucet and a similar looking faucet from the consumer line, there will be no comparison. The differences in quality will be obvious.

Both the Contractor grade and Commercial grade will have plenty of parts support. If a part should fail, you can repair or replace the part easily and the faucet will last for as long as the house. Sometimes even longer considering how houses are built these days.

Now, I don’t know where this faucet falls, but I have never seen a Kingston commercial faucet. And from what others have said about the base plate, it sounds like eye-candy. And if a part should fail, where can you go to get a replacement part? These are questions to keep in mind when buying fixtures for your home. If it is only going to be used infrequently, than eye-candy may be ok. But if you are going to be using it everyday, make certain that it can withstand the attention.

Edit: The word that got blacked out starts with a C, ends with a K, and ryhmes with rock.

I bought this in Dec and not happy with it. When you turn on water, the whole top portion moves, almost like it’s about to come apart. Also, you can’t swivel the faucet with the water on. You have to turn off water, then swivel into position, then turn water on again.
Won’t be buying this brand again