Kingston Brass Faucets

After refurbishing a huge kitchen and 4.5 bathrooms, I can say these prices are exceptionally reasonable. My kitchen faucet was $795 discounted, bathrooms were $300 to $600 at the lowest also at discount prices. If you think you’ll need to replace anything on here, then buy it now. Everything looks nice. For these prices, if you don’t like the look you can always change it to something else later. I doubt that will happen.

No shipping to California? Really?

I know, seems a bit odd. Due to local state laws, we’re prohibited from shipping these faucets to California, and the handful of other states listed. Sorry for the inconvenience. :frowning:


known to the state of california to cause cancer.

These are likely made from leaded brass, which is illegal in Cali & Vermont & possibly the other states listed.

Starting 2014 it goes nationwide. That may be why these are selling here. Only no lead brass alloys will be legal to sell. These are harder to manufacture making them more expensive.

Google “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act” if your interested.

IMO there is nothing wrong with these faucets. The lead in the brass does not leach into the water in any significant amount.


Thanks Joe!
Definitely a quality post here!!!
And considering that most of my faucets are more than 10 years old, I’m not too concerned about the lead content in these faucets and may be in for a few.

Great info Joe!

Well its nice that they are watching your back but some times a bit too much. I live in CA and have old pipes and faucets. If I would buy this one I bet you I would dramatically reduce my lead in my cooking water.

But lets wait until the redesign them.


WE have stupid politicians and people that vote for them here

I’ll take the word of the EPA over someone on woot and pass on these faucets.

No doubt made stupid by the lead in their drinking water. Silly that one might want to protect themselves from that…

You don’t have to wait, no lead brass plumbing products are already available at most of your big box retailers nationwide.

Again, there is nothing wrong with these faucets! I did not mean to put a crimp in sales. I’ve yet to see an independent study showing the danger of regular brass. It only contains 3% lead & does not leach into the water.