Kingston Brass Faucets

"Shipping to … California, … , Louisiana, Maryland, Vermont, … is not available for this item".

In other words, these products do NOT meet the low-lead (<0.25%) content that the plumbing codes in those states already mandate. Currently, plumbing products can contain up to 8.0% lead.

Note that come January 4, 2014, these cannot be legally sold or installed anywhere in the US. I suggest more aggressive discounting, Woot.

More reading:

Thank you for the heads up on this issue. I was looking at these for new construction that will not be installed/inspected until @June of 2014. You just saved me a lot of money and hassle. Thanks!

where are the stats of lead content of these faucets? or are you assuming these will fail future regs?

No prob - you’re very welcome!

No idea, but if they were indeed compliant with the no/low-lead standard, these would’ve been able to sell in the additional 4 states. The fact that Woot can’t sell them there tells me that they are not compliant.

If you read the linked pages, you’ll see where the new code comes into play.