Kingston Brass Faucets

Bought a Kingston Brass kitchen sink off of eBay - it never worked right - LOW pressure even after replacing hoses.
Called support - They said that it was NOT theirs and could not help me. sent pictures of the faucet still said NOPE. Sent pictures of the manual and after 17 phone calls - two where Javier, their “support Manager” called me a LIAR and hung up on me. Not in my lifetime will I buy from them.

I wrote this last time, deducing that since “Shipping to … California, … , Louisiana, Maryland, Vermont, … is not available for this item”., these do NOT meet the low-lead (<0.25%) content that the plumbing codes in those states already mandate.

Come January 4, 2014, these cannot be legally sold or installed anywhere in the US. Since these won’t make it in time for Christmas, you basically have a week to install it and still be “legal”. FWIW, current code allows for plumbing products to contain up to 8.0% lead.

More reading:

It’s up to the buyer to determine whether they want to pay this much for faucets that are soon to be non-compliant.

thanks for the information. this should have absolutely been included in the sale as I doubt a licensed plumber will install something illegal and risk their license.
shame on woot and the vendor for this.

These are not expensive. “This much” is over doing it. I don’t buy unknown brands, I check it out 1st but I don’t go by 1 or 2 reviews either. As I don’t need any faucets, I’m not buying these but take what you read with a grain of salt. Do your own checking before deciding you don’t want an item. You might be missing out on something good.

any amount for something that will be illegal to install come jan 4th is too much.