Kingston Brass Kitchen Faucets

Is the 3 hole plate on these optional? I’d rather not have it if my counter doesn’t have the 3 holes to cover.

Can you link to which faucet(s) you’re interested in?

I was mostly asking about the the last one:

I poked around on a few other websites, and it looks like single hole installation is the only option for these. Also, forgive my ignorance if that’s not what you’re asking about. I’m pretty handy for a girl, but I haven’t done any plumbing as of yet. :slight_smile:

Bought a brand new Kingston off of eBay and did not work - Called the manufacturer was told it was not theirs, sent pictures of the unit and installation guide and after being LIED to, and HUNG UP ON they said that they would replace the unit IF I removed negative feedback on their website. I would not buy from them.

Amazon reviews on atleast the one I wanted are pretty bad as well