Kingston Brass Lavatory Faucets - Your Choice

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the KB518B model over at amazon

Never heard of this brand, but it looks like a good substitute compared to those home depot tenant specials that goes for similar price. I just don’t know the quality of the cartridges. The HD cheapo washerless ones are alot worse in quality than the name brand ones, even though they all have lifetime warranty.

Can’t be shipped to California. WTF?!

To explain on the reason these why these are not available for sale in California, Vermont, Maryland, or Louisiana, it’s because they do NOT meet the low lead content mandate which requires plumbing products to have <0.25% lead in the waterways.

While many of us can proclaim “our old plumbing products had lead and we grew up fine”, we also didn’t know as much then as we do now about the health issues. For those living in states without such a mandate, it’ll be up to the consumer to make the decision whether a low-lead faucet is important or not.

Looks like satin finish nickel.

To be fair, something coming with a warning in California is just laughable at this point.

How so? I’ve seen dinnerware and utensil sets with Prop 65 (contains health hazardous or toxic substances) warnings. Do you feel safe to eat with that now?

It’s still up to the consumer to make the buying decision, but at least they’re informed.

Agreed. That screwball state (politically) is a model for failure.


The free shipping is only for Super Saver members who pay a fee to be a SS member lol. Always read the fine print on Amazon.

Look at the photos of all 3 finishes and the option to choose when ordering. :). It’s up to $20 more plus shipping on Amazon, different prices for different finishes. All are the same price on here.

Yeah, the idea of minimizing kids’ exposure to brain-damaging chemicals is just a big joke. What a ridiculous thing for anyone to consider!

I will have to search for it, but I have a picture of the shower in the hotel I stayed in a few years ago.

Inside the shower stall, in the ceiling, was a fire sprinkler.

Again, inside the shower…

Here’s the text of the only review addressing long term use:

“The faucet looked great in the beginning. It was a good price compared to the big box stores. However, it has now been a little less than a year and the handle has “wear” marks that will likely lead to me replacing this. The bathroom is only being used by one person, so not a “high traffic” area. I would probably go with a higher quality product next time after these results.”

It is only one review, but it answers the first question I had when I saw “•Lifetime premier finish” listed under features.

Free super saving shipping does not require a membership. It is available free to anyone on all designated items. The only requirement is the order total must be at least $25 before tax and shipping charges.

Amazon Prime membership costs $89 per year. It gets you 2 day free shipping on most items sold directly by Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon. (Amazon has started designating many low-priced items as “Add-on items” requiring a $25 purchase of items sold by Amazon.) Prime membership also gives members free access to streaming video content and the ability to borrow up to one free Kindle book a month from designated titles.

Wrong. Maybe you should read the fine print first yourself. I don’t know why people have perpetuated this on woot so much, but if it’s over $25 with super saver mentioned, it ships free. It’s been that way on Amazon for 1.5 decades now.

Also, there is no SS club. There’s Prime, but that’s different. I’m not Prime at present, not a part of any “club,” and I still get free shipping on my orders as long as they are over $25 and are direct or fulfilled by Amazon. I just have to click the free shipping option on checkout on the final order confirmation page.

What they are saying is that there are reasonable, well thought out standards built on scientific fact.

And then there are People’s Republic of CA standards.

As opposed to the most recent Bush administration that labeled University studies finding health risks associated with BPA as “bad science” while accepting study results showing no harmful health effects from industry sources. There were plenty of voices out there telling us not to worry about lead paint, lead in gasoline and cigarette smoke.

To put your mind a ease, I currently have one of this manufacturers faucets in our downstairs powder room and another one (I think it’s the same manufacturer) in our kitchen. Both have been in place for about 3 years and they both look well and work perfectly. I bought both of them on-line, I believe from Amazon.

So what? You’re leaving out essential details and selectively emphasizing certain things because you think it makes your point better.

Besides, what does placement of fire sprinklers have to do with low lead or Prop65 warnings relevant to both the OP’s original and followup reply as well as this product? Low lead fixtures are an improvement because some areas are moving away from chlorine, as well as allowing code for grounding of one of the legs of the incoming copper water line, both which lead to more lead leaching. Much is about reducing cumulative lead exposure, not that that one point is going to put you over the limit.

But let’s address the irrelevant fire sprinkler. What kind of shower stall was it? It may be generally mandated because fiberglass stalls are allowed, and if so, the sprinkler goes in because the plastic resin going up goes hot, faster, and noxious once it catches. The chances the shower is on during a fire, or the pipes burst putting it out, are low. Was it a separate stall or did the sprinkler cover the rest of the bathroom? What was behind the wall or the room next door? What is a common sprinkler (releases when others go) or individual, because it may not release unless the stall material itself goes up, and it’s not exactly a big cost difference to hook it up there.

California doesn’t force any other state or product to sell there or adopt it’s practices. Those do so on their own.