Kingston Brass Pull Down Faucets - Your Choice

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Kingston Brass Pull Down Faucets - Your Choice
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Let’s check out the product page for the Concord and let’s learn all about Kingston Brass


Time to read up on the warranty

I purchased a similar kitchen faucet on Woot few months ago. I like the industrial, modern look. Within 2 days on installation the sprayer head sprung a leak and eventually separated from the head. I posted a video to youtube

I called support and they sent a replacement sprayer. It took weeks 4-5 to receive. So the faucet sprayed all over me the sink counter until I received the replacement. Would not buy this brand again.

These are great quality faucets, but just know their kitchen faucet is designed to only put out as much water as a bathroom faucet, very weak spray for a kitchen faucet, I replaced the head twice before they finally told me that they are designed to be that weak

Woot says the List Price is $499.95… Suuuuure it is.

Here’s one at HD for $130… and that’s at regular price.

Big savings there woot. :-/

Is the pull down hose rubber or Satin Nickel too? Can’t tell from the picture on the 2 pull down ones. Does anyone know?

Well, I can guarantee it’s not rubber, since nobody uses rubber anymore. It appears to be heavy duty plastic tubing surrounded by a spring with the same finish as the rest of the faucet.

Not comparing apples to apples.

How does the heavy duty plastic hold up???

Home Depot reviews seem to be good. I have seen worse reviews on $400 Delta faucets. I have a small chrome kitchen faucet from the 1980’s so time to replace it with something modern. I’m in for one.

I have a split tub sink, will this pivot and hold to the left and right?

I’m the most frugal person I know, but Plumbing fixtures are one of the few things I have learned the hard way never to scrimp on (never on which to scrimp?).

I put wall paint in this category, too.

I bought the 79 dollar version back in December here on woot. It looks high end, but the feel of it is cheap. Mine does not pivot. it prefers to stay in one place. the hose is not very flexible either. functionality it is NOT. Looks it is! I guess you get what you pay for.

I purchased a Kingston Brass pull down faucet just like these at Home Depot. To be honest, I was a little worried at first because I wasn’t familiar with the brand, but I absolutely LOVE it. Someone commented that the sprayer was weak, mine is the exact opposite. The sprayer is so strong on mine I try to avoid using it because it hits the pan and water goes everywhere! If I ever do another kitchen remodel (praying I don’t) I’ll go with this same brand again.

That’s a shame. Thanks for the info!

I bought the same one and you’re right, you can’t swivel with the water running. You have to turn off water first, then swivel into position. With a double sink, that gets tiresome quickly. This one looks like the same design. Won’t be getting this brand again.

It’s braided stainless steel tubing with a vinyl tubing underneath. It’s just like the flexible braided connectors under your sink. Home Depot’s listing gives you a more detailed image:

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I bought a Kingston Brass faucet from Woot a couple of months ago because I like the style and it was broken when I got it. Woot did nothing to help me and the Kinston Brass people were friendly and said they would send a replacement but never did. Would not buy another.

So you wrote to them once and you gave up? You can do better…here’s their toll free number 1 877 7277