Kingston Brass Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

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Kingston Brass Pull Down Kitchen Faucets
Price: $89.99
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Condition: New


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4 Stars over a Home Depot

Time to learn all about the warranty

I got one of these about six months ago and I’ve been pretty happy with it. I wish it were a bit bigger overall, but that’s a minor issue.

Be careful and follow the installation instructions carefully or you will have problems. The mounting hardware they provide will get wonky if you don’t use it just right.

Be forewarned. After a couple of weeks, these become very difficult to turn. You can’t turn them while the water is running, for example, because the water pressure is working against you. There might be a way around this, but my attempt to reach out to the manufacturer wasn’t successful. I’m not crazy about the spray/regular switches, either. The spray, if you’re not careful, will flay the skin from your bones. And when you switch it back to regular, it doesn’t quite go in all the way unless you press really hard, so you end up with a weak flow. It is pretty, though…

I have not had any of those issues and my water pressure is extremely high.

does it come with the baseplate, or is it the style that mounts directly onto a hole on your counter/sink?

I have a large window, Anderson so very expensive, behind my kitchen sinks. My question, is there a reasonable chance the head can slip out of the hand and spring back through the window?

I don’t have this model, but I have a different model Kingston Brass kitchen faucet. It’s a very good product considering the low price. My plumber has over 30 years experience and he said it was a good item. I had a question about the faucet and sent the company an email, I got a personal response in about 2 days.

Does it come with the soap dispenser?

chardonay asked an important question: does this come with a 10" baseplate? It’s implied YES since one of the pics shows it, but we need to know before we can consider purchasing it.

Did you try to turn down the water pressure under the sink?

I’ve had one of these for over a year and am very happy with it. Performs just like the day I installed it.

I bought this from Woot a few months ago, and yes, it came with the baseplate. I also noticed the issue that one other person commented on regarding it being hard to turn when the water is running. That doesn’t really bother me though since you can move the head anywhere you want, you just can’t swivel the whole faucet. The one issue I have with mine is that the little black ring that the head sits on when it’s stationary popped out not long after I got it. I glued it back in place, but it never stays there for long. I imagine that Kingston will replace the piece if I call, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

I got the Bronze color and after a couple of months of use, the head piece started to peel off the color.

I got this on Woot a few months ago and it was worth it. I don’t have any of the problems the above people mentioned. It was my first faucet install (which is not easy…respect to the plumbers out there).

If you need a kitchen faucet this is a good deal.

I bought one of these and installed it. My only issue is that the thing that clamps it to the underside of the cabinet isn’t very strong and it keeps coming loose, allowing the faucet to turn like it’s not supposed to. The spray is very strong which makes it great for pre-washing stuff and getting the grounds out of the bin from the coffee machine. It does, howver, get a little water around from that spray if you’re not careful. Very good design for filling filter pitchers, the water reservoir on the espresso machine, etc.

No. That wouldn’t happen. It is designed to flex forward and down but it can’t really go backwards at all.

I have had one of these for about a year now and we just had our first issue. The screw in nozzle stripped out of the plastic threads in the hand held part of the faucet. I used pipe tape to get it tight again but it won’t hold forever. The thing looks nice but the quality just isn’t there.