Kingston Brass Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

It’s got a ten year warranty. Get it replaced.

I’ve had the same problems…
Wasn’t worth my time/money to install. Already looking for a replacement model.

depending on the type of valve you have - this can be very bad advice. Most shutoff valves are not intended to regulate flow. If you have the multi-turn worm gear valve you’re asking for a leaky handle. I’d trust a 1/4 turn ball valve, but even then, it’s not really intended for that. You can use a step down connection (ie: if you have 1/2" pipe which often results in high faucet pressure, you can step-down to 3/8 or even 1/4.) if your home suffers from too-high pressure at the faucets.

Did it come with the baseplate??

Does this come with a soap dispenser?

What is the model number? Kingston products have reviews all over the place and it would be helpful to have the exact model number of this unit for comparisons.


We got one about a year ago, the only “issue” (not really a huge issue) is the water pressure. The sprayer is really strong, and the regular pressure is kind of weak. You do have to make sure to press the button all the way in, but it’s still not very strong. Ours turns just fine though and I think it was easy to install. My husband did it pretty quickly and I didn’t hear any cursing or anything.

Now confirmed- there will be a base. The vendor says:

Nope. I actually like the high-pressure spray. Our previous model had a more gentle shower-like spray. The problem is with the switch; you have to really really press it to get it to fully switch to normal flow. A casual push gives you a half-pressure flow.

Yours turns easily while the water is on? Interesting…

No soap dispensers come with these.

In my experience, it just flops forward and sprays you in the face. (That would be the tendency of a spring-wrapped hose; it’ll straighten out.) Happens a couple of times a month. That, and forgetting to switch it from skin-flaying-spray to regular. Both are equally exciting…

Model numbers are GS8771CTL & GS8778CTL - we’ll be adding it to the sale, too.

Thank you very much!


Interesting. Because as we well know, all your base are belong to us…

I bought this last year and have been very happy with it. The hardest part of the installation was getting the old faucet out…New installation took ten minutes. Everyone comments on how nice it looks, and great for doing dishes in a sink with a lack of a handsprayer

I purchased one of these a couple months ago from Woot and funny enough just installed it last night. It looks nice but I agree with the comments on the nozzle. The spray can peel your skin off but the regular stream is very weak. There’a a lot of over spray from the head when using spray mode too. The nozzle and the nozzle flange are plastic so I expect the threads to strip like the previous poster mentioned. The supply lines do not require additional hoses but the three hole cover plate won’t stay put no matter how hard I tighten.

Overall I’m just not happy with it and will have to look for something else.

What color is the “hose”. Is it white? or chrome/nickel.