Kingston Brass

I bought two Kingston faucets from woot about a year ago. They were bathroom fixtures with one center handle to control hot/cold as well as the flow rate. The printing on the instructions was small and there was almost no written instructions, but if you’ve ever installed a faucet before, this shouldn’t matter slow you down.

When installing some pieces with threaded plastic, I accidentally stripped the threading. When I called they overnighted a free replacement piece which I thought was awesome.

My only complaint is that of the two sinks I installed, one has a stubborn handle. It wasn’t a piece I assembled myself, so I don’t think it can be attributed to my installation. It does work though, with no leaks or other problems. The other faucet I installed works like a champ. No complaints at all.

Bought 6 new faucet’s. Within a few months 3 of the new faucet’s we installed began to exhibit issues, Handles were just breaking off I was told they were manufactured incorrectly by Kingston Brass CS and after several unfulfilled promises (to send me replacement’s) I finally received parts (3 to 4 months later) for 2 of the faucet’s. A short after another faucet began to have issues (Guess who! KB Again) in our kitchen and after months of back and forth with their CS they eventually agreed that this must be yet another bad faucet, They said they cannot replace the faucet by itself to me because they would need to open a new one to do that and I can keep calling them back to see if they get one returned. I could not believe my ear’s I pleaded with them given the upcoming holidays to work with me and they refused! All the other faucet’s we have I our home (9 in all) work flawlessly and have given us no trouble STAY AWAY (FAR AWAY) from Kingston Brass!

I just read your message, and I’m sorry I have ordered from them already…

Thanks for saving me what sounds like a costly mistake, both of you. When 2 of 2 are negative it doesn’t take a genius. Everybody post, please. Sorry you went through this.