Kingston Digital 64GB USB Flash Drive

Kingston Digital 64GB USB Flash Drive

$99 for 64GB??? Holy rip-off Batman! I see it has hardware encryption, big woop. Your PC will have no problem whole encrypting a $10 64GB flash drive in no time. Avoid this.


Yeah, I was like scratching my head thinking, “whats the catch?”. Just use bit locker (free) and secure you USB’s. Most USB’s come with secure software anyway. Just seems like a lot of money for a 64gb thumb drive when you can even find open source software that will do the same thing, for free.

Not a bad deal given they are being sold at 150 a pop.

In a previous company we handed out TAA compliant sticks like these that had the ‘all-in-one’ solution on the stick that allows for just drag and drop after setup. It helped with sales and other ops folk to just plug it in and follow basic commands while checking the compliance level boxes for certain job sites.

Also the “ten wrong entries and reformats” is a nice touch.

A good buy in for the corporate environment.