Kingston SDHC Class 4 32GB Flash Card

Wow!!! Wait, I don’t need this.

Everything I ever did or thought could be put on that flash card. No thanks.

Looks like a good deal $10.00 cheaper than and they were the cheapest on my quick search

Around how many pictures will it hold?

If i would ever fill my 8GB cards, I might consider this.

32GB is quite a bit of storage.

Pricey? Especially since it will come down in price in 6 months?

This would be PERFECT for my Cowon D2…I have an 8gb card in there already.

I bought two of the 8gb ones on here and they’re great.

I was just looking a the 16GB version of this card at NewEgg for $30 to stick in the EeePC I bough a few weeks ago.

I really don’t need twice that space on a single card for more than twice the price. You probably don’t either.

Can I buy three and shove them into an iphone somehow?

5 stars on Buzzillions.

4 stars on Amazon.

I could use that in my D50! Oh, no I can’t…

Hey! I could use that in my phone! Oh, no, micro SD…

Hey, I could crack the case of my EEEPC and solder in a gutted card reader directly to the USB header on the motherboard and use this as to improve the drive space by 8X!


Hmmm…I guess I could use this thing to carry around a backup copy of all the data on my new 32GB iPhone 3G S.

Hmm… my photoframe (from Woot) currently has a 2GB flash card (same manufacturer, but from Newegg).

Unfortunately, it takes some number over 13,000 photos at 320x234 to fill it up… sorry Woot, going to have to pass on this one.


I’ve already got two 8GB cards that I’ll never fill. But 32GB makes for one hell of a flash drive in the right reader.

I have a 16GB card that holds around 1800 pictures shooting in the highest resolution on my Nikon D80 (high res without also capturing RAW data).

So 3-4k is a good guestimate depending on the resolution you are shooting at.

It’s not Micro. Pass.
For that price, for that much storage, USB flash drives are much much cheaper.
Storage cards should be no more than $1/GB, IMHO.
This is cheaper than the comparable amount of RAM, so you could utilize it for Windows ReadyBoost and really speed up your Vista-running system. I love ReadyBoost! link