Kingston SSDNow 128GB SATA 2 Solid State Drive


WARNING: WILL NOT FIT IN YOUR IPOD! (at least not the Nano.)

funny little writeup there

A solid state drive will change your life. It’s just simply amazing. The speed is everything you ever asked for but never got from an upgrade. It’s strange to realize that hard drives have been whats slowing us down for so long.

It’s not about space it’s about speed. This is your boot drive and the 1-3 most used applications and games. The rest goes on your other drive which is 1-2 tb.

Only 128 GB?
Why is this so expensive?

$219.99 at Best Buy… I thought you were better than this Woot! Still, saves you about $15, so I suppose saving money is always a plus. on sale here for $215,

And 128gb not enough disk space, going to have to pass

Anyone have any experience with Kingston SSD’s? Are these reliable?

I’m still waiting for liquid state drives.

3.6 stars is the average on Buzzillions for this one.

Be sure to scroll down the product description to get to the $50 rebate form!

Because it’s a Solid State Drive! This means that it has no mechanical moving parts, and is super fast compared to even the fastest conventional spinning hard drive!

Because it’s flash memory rather than a magnetic platter

EDIT: OK, it may FIT, but it won’t WORK! :slight_smile:

Considering I just spent 190 on an intel SSD 80 GB. I approve this as a good deal.

<3 Ojay!

Really? Fry’s has a Patriot for the same price.

Newer model on Amazon for $219.00

I’d be in if it was around the $150.00 price point.

We’re back to where paying around $1.00 per GB is a deal :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a review from Testfreaks and the Amazon page for what looks like a similar Kingston SSD.

Edit: and here’s a review on Macworld

Solid state? Back in my day, you had to crank the hard drive to get it started! You kids and your gadgets…