Kingston SSDNow 128GB SATA 2 Solid State Drive

In for one

Have one of these, it’s fantastic.

Well if the server crashes on a normal item, the BOC should be quite interesting this time around…

with a 50 dollar mail in rebate?

woah just went down on my side. i thought it was IT!

Can’t wait till Solid State drives go down in price.

You can get 2 TB for $100 for a normal drive.

But damn if that’s not enticing.

Can this be installed in a notebook?

Is SATA 2 backward compatible with SATA?

Heres a good video review

It’s back online.

Site going down this early in the woot off does not bode well…

meh. Frys has a faster one, same size for less right now. My OCZ Agility rocks. SSD is DEFINATELY the way to go.

Yikes… took almost four minutes for first one to be purchased. With enthusiasm like that, this could be awhile…

I believe so.

Is this compatible with a Macintosh?

I thought my company had banned this site when it went down. Sigh

rebate form indicates a $55 mail-in rebate:

$55.00 rebate on SNV425-S2/128GB Solid-State Drives (UPC Code: 740617168747)

Tracker said 25min…back to work.

Same price and rebate as before. Should have waited until some of us could confirm that we actually got the rebate. My rebate from before shows as being in process, so it hasn’t been rejected yet.

Oops, I stand corrected. Rebate form does say $55, so this is slightly better.