Kingston SSDNow 128GB SATA 2 Solid State Drive

200$ for 128gigs is not my idea of awesome

Even if you rebate it…150$ is still not my idea of awesome

love the $50 rebate coupon

Beats out costco, in price:

From now on, if you want a deal from the woot off, you will have to mail it in. Pfft.

If you used an ssd drive you’ll never go back to a regular drive much faster loading speeds

$233 on amazon

$200 for a 128GB solid state drive is actually a great price. You’re not paying for the storage space with an SSD, you’re paying for the speed.

Iirc, it was $125 AR on a couple weeks ago.

Not sure if want. If i was willing to pay premium price for a SSD, I’d rather go for the latest sandforce controllers, which blows the bricks out of the older controllers.

Costco is a better deal. At least you get a USB enclosure thru them…instant travel drive.

Anyone else get a “file not found” from the rebate form?

Except this one isn’t as fast as other SSD’s. 200$ for this one is just…meh. It’s not fast enough to pique my interest, nor large enough.

If it was a 180 at this speed…maybe I would buy it. I always like upgrading drives.

^Second… it would be nice if the rebate link works!!!

yep. me too.

Woot Mind Trick

These aren’t the forms your looking for

plus tax for CA residents. and likely shipping, too.

rebate link is broken.

Same, Note - these run pretty good in the macs… I would get one of these if you own a mac and want ssd

For this price, you can get 4TB of space and you don’t have to wait on a rebate! The only thing I have to wait on loading is larege video files. So a 128GB SSD won’t cut it!

No rebate, no dealeo, and rebate link not working.