Kingston USB 2.0 Data Traveler 100



might get


Cool I kinda need one of these!


in for 1!


Hmm, won’t work above 140º F. Oh well.


Here’s what froogle has to say about it.


You can never have too many-infor 3


Not a good deal at all unless you buy more than one. You can buy it directly from Kingston for $11 with free shipping.

I have a 4GB version of this (paid $17 direct from Kingston), it works fine and I like that the USB connector retracts into the stick so there’s no cap to lose. It is a little cheap feeling though.


I have the one gig that I got at circuit city for 10$ and thought was a steal, I like it, no problems.

I’m in for 3!


Seems pretty dead in here today… must be that darn woot-off


Sony makes one called a Data Vault or something similar… it doesn’t feel cheap… on the contrary… its the only thumb drive that feels and looks “Expensive”… with chrome accents and a retractable connector… the other cool thing is it is marketed to have some compression software built into it that allows you to store 3x as much on it… i.e. 6GB on a 2GB drive… haven’t tested it myself, however a friend of mine did buy one! Hmmm…


I have one of those and the data compression thing is a huge pain in the ass. It’s basically just software on the drive that compresses stuff when you transfer it over. It’s not automatic, and on Vista you have to run with admin privileges. It adds more time to the overall transfer process. It sounds painless, but it really is more tedious than it’s worth.


Apparently, you’ve never heard of ironkeys :smiley:


Good deal if you buy more than one. It seems to get good ratings from users. I’m in for 3.


Bought a 3-pack of 2gb from Best Buy a few days ago for around $18.


Ironkey is some crazy stuff. Darn expensive though… It’s like that puzzle thing from Da Vinci Code… i’m too lazy to search up the name.


read out loud:



In for 3.


looks like a good overall review
got 3!


I wish USB devices would specify if they need a high-power USB port or not.

Anyone know about this one?

It makes the difference in whether I’m able to plug it into my nice convenient keyboard USB hub (low-power only), or have to reach over to my computer’s front port (high-power).

I have one that requires high-power, and a SanDisk Cruzer Micro that works fine on low-power.