Kipling Handbags

Most of my purses are Kipling. They’re washable and have lots of pockets.

My problem with purses is having enough storage. Are these able to carry a decent amount without looking like you stuffed a pig in there? Looking at the Alvar specifically.

I’m looking at the Alvar too, but I’m wondering as much about durability as storage. Are these things pretty tough?

Okay, wow. Outstandingly positive reviews on Amazon. But the prices for the blue and pink are essentially the same. Or you can spend more for more color choices…

I didn’t even think to look at Amazon reviews. Thanks for that. Picked up the true blue.

I love these handbags! They are great for travel because they are so lightweight.

I have a Kipling handbag and I love it. I have to carry a billion things in my bag including a water bottle and it looks fine. it i sturdy and has plenty of pockets.

Where are these made?

I love Kipling bags. It doesn’t fit as much in it as I wanted but it’s very durable and easy to clean.

Just wanted to update that I ordered the Alvar true blue and received it in the mail today. It does bulge a bit with my wallet and such in the main pouches, but it’s not horrible. Super cute, tons of pockets, and a very cute (although cheap) gorilla.

I’m expecting this purse to last me a long time. It’s very well made, nice quality for the inexpensive price.

I got my Kipling Jonesy with the chevron stripes. Instead of beige straps it has day-glo orange ones and I think it’s incredibly ugly.

This was not what was advertised. I am quite displeased. I’ve written to CS, thankfully they will let me return it, but really, the CS is weak at best.