Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean HE

Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean HE

This is 22 from Costco with online two day delivery. And it’s cheaper in store. If you have a membership there’s no reason to buy this from woot.


This price is higher than if you ordered it directly from…? Woot is supposed to be a bargain but since they sold-out to Amazon it’s just a shill for their corporate overlords.


Pfft. Woot will never charge you a membership fee and they’ll bring it right to your front door. That other place won’t even take your groceries out to your car.

We’ve long suspected Woot! was a dumping ground for Costco (and other club) returns, but wow this is a new one to me.

Just know these are not being sold by Costco via Amazon. Apparently Costco items sold by third parties started showing up on Amazon sometime around 2019. I’m sure Costco doesn’t mind as they get their money and the 3rd parties have to add in their margin to make it worthwhile so cannot compete with Costco’s price.

This might be an ok way to try out Costco products without the membership or if one does not have a store nearby, but as noted in the previous comments this is at a significant markup to what one would pay at the store (edit - Factoring in shipping for those who do not have Amazon Prime).

I myself prefer the All “Free and Clear” 158 load detergent which regularly goes on sale for around $15 in store.


Your statement is only partially true.

Woot charges $6 shipping unless one has an Amazon Prime “subscription”. There have been items on Woot! which required Amazon Prime. You can spin it however you like (“Woot! doesn’t charge the membership. It’s a subscription, not a membership”), but it certainly sounds like in some cases some sort of membership is required. The word “never” indicates a false statement.

This item can be ordered for delivery from Costco under their 2-day delivery program. Orders of $75 or more does not incur delivery fee.

Yes, one needs a Costco membership. This is the true part. However a way around that is to politely ask a friend with a membership if they would purchase a gift card for you.

Edit - The other true part is they won’t take it to your car. Unless it’s a large item like a TV or furniture. Large call-ahead orders will be waiting for you for pickup at the exit.


I believe the fees are 15% of the selling price plus about $3 minimum for FBA. Monthly storage fees are separate, with higher rates in the fall/winter and for aged inventory.


Oh, and about the product.

We tried it long ago and it is very similar to the normal “All” HE detergent. Slightly darker purple than All, but otherwise performs similar. We have trouble with dyes and scents thus the switch to “Free and Clear” type products.

Oddly enough, do not care for the Kirkland version of “Free and Clear”. Certainly clear, but has an odd chemical smell to it whereas the All product is completely odorless.

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My statement is 100% true.

shipping fees are not membership fees

Prime only sales are a perk for Prime members, sure. But unlike Costco you can still buy stuff without a membership, just not the dozen or so items being offered as a perk to Prime members.

But whatever. If you love Costco good for you. Why don’t you tell them over in their forums?

Just trying to keep y’all honest. :wink:

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Pepper is right though.

Woot DOES NOT charge for Prime.

Prime is charged by Amazon.


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Yup, you are correct generically named Wooster. Woot does not charge for the membership required to purchase Prime exclusive items sold on Woot. Please have mercy on my misguided clown soul.


Bottom line is that this item is not a bargain like other Woot items.

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Really Cosco, price is only $21.99 and two day delivery, if your not in the Store already, LOL, strong text

It’s forcing a delivery fee on me bc it’s not over $75.

Does Costco require a membership to buy that?

If we’re doing an apples to apples comparison, how much is it with Woot with their shipping and handling fee added?

Woot charges $6 shipping with no handling fees or if you have Amazon Prime standard shipping at Woot is free.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

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$29 with shipping costs from woot. Unless of course you’ve paid the woot membership fee of $140 for free shipping.

Oops, my bad. I meant AMAZONS membership fee. Silly me. Sometimes I’m under the absurd notion that Woot is owned by Amazon.


This came to the house yesterday and I had no idea. Then I remembered: Dr Daniels, late night browsing, and a Woot deal that isn’t. When will I ever learn? Just delete the app I says to myself and save a bunch of money. In Portuguese Woot means, “Bend over”