kissMe!™ Teeth Whitening Kit

kissMe!? Teeth Whitening Kit
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Unknown

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**Item: **kissMe!? Teeth Whitening Kit
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New
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I’m afraid that purchasing this for my loved one would cause them to think that I feel they have disgusting teeth. Can anyone please share how to justify purchasing this as a gift without offending someone?

Honestly, her teeth are yellow, but I’m just trying to be sensitive about this.

Buy 2. Use it yourself and talk about it. If she’s interested, say you just happen to have another one.

That is AWESOME advice. Seriously.

I’m looking for reviews on the kit. Some teeth-whitening kits are better than others. So far I haven’t found any, but I have found it on Amazon as the same price as this Woot deal.

Warning: do not attempt to give this as a gift unless they giftee has clearly expressed unhappiness with their teeth color. If they haven’t, why do YOU care? It’s none of your business and they might have valid reasons for not caring / addressing what YOU see as a “problem”.

I’m actually giving a gift to my brother and his “common-law wife” that consists of everything that sucks. (This is a tradition between my brother and I. Example: Fake flies and Fake poop from my brother.) I will be adding to this gift, a copy of Xmen Orgins: Wolverwine, and Jack & Jill (Adam Sandler) as well as an Applebee’s giftcard.

Here is one review I found… It doesn’t share much:

They also haven’t updated their Facebook since last Black Friday… I’m skeptical.

I ordered it… though the order has been processing for 2 minutes. I know that in the Woot threads they said processing was taking awhile. Hopefully this will not hurt my gums too much and I’ll find another annoying product for my brother.

Order volume is a bit crazy right now and it is causing issues with our ordering system. We are working on it right now and will get back to you as soon as we have solved it.

Thanks. It says in my Account info that it processed so I’m hoping it’s all good.

Yeah, I lost out on the 10,000aMh chargers because it took so long to process. :frowning:

Great reply TT! I was going to say the same thing. We ordered 2 because the other brands have worked great for us. Toothpaste is close to this price for 2 tubes of good whitening toothpaste. No idea why it’s taking so long to sell out. We paid more for our 2 other brands.

Follow the directions. These work very well and never had any gum problems. It’s almost the exact same as the dentist uses except it’s without the light.