Kissy Fish Mixed Case (12)

Kissy Fish Mixed Case
$99.99 (Normally $156.00) 36% off List Price
6 NV Kissy Fish Rouge Table Wine
6 2009 Kissy Fish White Table Wine

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Privacy? huh?

It’s not easy coming up with 365 new quality posts per year for the same thing!

I gotta hand it to woot, sometimes I want to buy the wine just because of your photos. Your action shots are always very creative and fantastic.

Clearly you’re forgetting the 10 or 15 he earns on woot-off days!

Did anyone notice their tag-line? “Suck it up, it’s tasty.” Sums up my wine philosophy!

50 minutes, one sale, very little information.

The CT links were pretty weak (but thanks for grabbing them Cesare)

Whats The Drinking Window on this stuff? Anybody got any tasting notes? Can anyone say anything about this wine?

Googling Kissy Fish, I can only find tidbits. The white seems to be “primarily Gewurtztreminor” with a bit of Riesling, but I couldn’t find anything about the Rouge blend.

Oops. Gewurtztraminer. My German spelling sucks. Like “suck it up.”

Wondering about the sugar content in these. Are these sweet, semi or dry?

Maybe the winery will chime in and give us some direction? The red sounds like something I would enjoy, and the price is very appealing.

The 2007 & 08 cellartracker notes describe the white as off-dry or sweet, both noting its balance.

Given that this is an mystery blend red and a mostly Gewürztraminer 2009 white, I think it’s safe to assume these wines are for current consumption: intended to be drunk yesterday if not sooner. The winery is pretty clear these are everyday drinkers.

Only one “t” in Gewürztraminer… and an umlaut…

I would’ve bought this in a second if it was 6 bottles or less.

12 is just too much of a commitment, Woot, and it sounds like you know exactly how hard it is to commit sometimes.

Hi! Both wines are ready to drink now but the rouge will last a number of years more (our red wines, most generally, are good for a decade). It’s Pinot noir, Syrah, and Tempranillo–an auspicious blend! The blanc is mostly Gewurztraminer with a bit of Pinot gris and Pinot blanc and is finished with a touch of residual sugar. Hope this helps!

define…touch…like in a good way or a CLOYing type way?

Though, being from Lange, I’m sure the answer is good touch. Like a Geisha

If we weren’t in the business we wouldn’t know how to spell it either. It’s a tough one, but easier to pronounce correctly than Gruner Veltliner!!!

For us here at Lange Estate mouthfeel and finish are high priorities, which is to say that there’s sufficient acid balance to avert the cloying effect.