Kitchen a Ride

Protip: That fourth pot is pretty awesome.

What’s everyone think of the water filter?

I don’t understand the 4th pot thing.

But we have the avacado set, and everytime it’s on here it makes me hungry

Check out the fourth burner pot discussion, well one of them. :slight_smile:

I used it as a novelty oversized coffee mug.

4th Burner pot is not stainless steel as stated. Will not work on induction cooktop that I purchased it for.

Someone is taking over MY job here.

Yes, the non-stick one is aluminium, or aluminum, for you colonists. Won’t work on an induction burner, but works just fine on my gas range.

It is also a GREAT way to can a single bottle of something, or a bunch, serially.


Used my 4th burner pot for the first time tonight; it’s perfect for steaming asparagus. I was surprised by how nice & handy this thing is.