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I do love baking - anyone have a review (or preferably first hand experience) on the Sistema 1213 Bakery Set - 9-Piece Set?


The photos of the Sistema 1213 Bakery Set - 9-Piece Set don’t seem to be showing the correct pieces. They don’t even show the same pieces. I’m guessing that only the photo of the shrink wrapped product shows what is actually listed. What are you selling here?


I see what you mean. I’ve emailed to get some clarification and fixes.


THREE measuring cups?really?Got more than I need now.Amazon has a set by this company with one more actual container for 30 bucks.One review,they love it.


The Pyrex 12pc storage set is sold out already??? It just got posted! You really need to have more of them in stock!


Sorry. That was most likely some left over stock from previous sales. It’s been offered a couple times before.


Set includes the following:

  1. 1 x 13.7 cup container (holds full 5 lb bag of flour)
  2. 1 x 10.2 cup container (holds full bag of grain sugar)
  3. 1 x 6.6 cup container (holds full bag of brown sugar/cocoa)
  4. 2 x 2.9 cup containers (perfect for sprinkles, etc)
  5. 1 x 2.6 cup container split (really the same as above but with split into 2 compartments)
  6. 3 measuring cups


GAH!!! I came here specifically looking for that Pyrex set (the smaller one) and it’s sold out again. I keep missing it!
stomps feet like small child

Okay, now that is out of my system, I will return to acting more like a grown up… sometimes.


We found out the image in the packaging is correct. If you bought based on a different expectation, as always, we aim to please - feel free to contact so they can fix you up.


And I miss it every darn time! :frowning:


me too. AND I blame it on the Woot Off. I was otherwise distracted. This came and went so fast. **sniff *** sniff ***
and I ordered a different pyrex set a few weeks ago and waited patiently for 2 weeks for it to ship and show up and my door. I finally asked and they said "oops we don’t really have any after all. "
and there’s a snow storm
and I didn’t get a pony for Christmas (again)
my goldfish died. well if I had one it would of died.

I appeal to the supreme woot.
Isn’t this enough of a sob story for you to get some more of them ? and call me or email me I’ll get right on it ! promise.
I’ll even be in for 3. or 1 if that’s all you want me to have. just say the word.

shucks. life and woot are so unfair sometimes.


Too bad about the Pyrex. I’ve seen it at least three times before, and resisted the temptation. I am only guessing, but I suspect that a similar Pyrex set will appear soon. Anything that sells well returns to Woot from what I’ve seen.

About the cooking for myself, I made pie crust last night, and have it sitting in the fridge so that the water can get into the flour, making a flakier pie. There are a couple of dozen apples sitting in my work area, so I can eat an apple as I work, if that’s what I want. Best of all, I get to “test” the pie as it cools to make sure that “it’s okay to eat.” (heh, heh)

After that, it’s going to be either homemade marshmallows or homemade caramels. I love making candy, and am always amazed at how much great candy you get for very little effort. I’m not talking about molding chocolate, which I understand is challenging, but making yummy regular candy (like marshmallows or caramels) is pretty easy. If you have a good digital thermometer, 99% of the tough stuff is done.