Kitchen Carts (3 Colors)

**Item: **Kitchen Carts (3 Colors)
Price: $89.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Good reviews (3.3 out of 5.0) over at

I have a new apartment and this would be great. Im a bit hesitant because I havent researched my options for prices local or at a Ross or Marshalls or something. If someone has input for me Id appreciate the woot knowledge base.

Not so great reviews on amazon (White)

The price is very good but possible problems with parts that arrive. Seems like its a bit chancy so Ill wait but Im happy to see woot throw up items like this. Thanks woot! The site is great for new apartment tenants.

Thanks for the link…can’t remember when I’ve seen such a dramatic difference in reviews - 2 five- stars and 5 one-star reviews…and at least one of the complementary reviews sounds “fishy” (legalese: IMHO). I think I’ll keep looking…

Maybe I’m missing it but what is this cart made of?

“Made from MDF with rubberwood top”

I’m in the same boat as you…debating whether to pull the trigger or not. Moved into an apartment yesterday and this would work well, just hope it’s not crappy.

Just saw the reviews - doesn’t look good.

Running away FAST after reading those reviews!

QVC has somthing like this but seems a lot nicer.

This cart is REALLY SMALL. Be sure to check the dimensions under specs. Use the cart top dimensions because the overall ones include the projection for the towel bar.