Kitchen Carts (3 Colors)

**Item: **Kitchen Carts (3 Colors)
Price: $79.99
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Condition: New

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Just came back to buy the memory foam mattress and I found this thing in it’s place.

Who are you and what have you done with my precious woot? First I get a broken TV, now you change woots midstream.


Sorry, the mattresses were quite popular today and have already sold out.

Does anyone have any idea what the inside looks like with the 1 adjustable shelf? I was thinking I might like to take the wheels off and use it as a cocktail liquor cabinet/stand

Looking for advice from anyone that may already have one - I am currently suffering from lack of counter space. We have room for a small island, but may be a few years away from making a purchase like that. This may be a good cheaper option in the meantime.

Do you think this could work for rolling out pie dough? Sturdy enough? Large enough countertop? Wheels properly lock and stay put? I like that this appears to be slightly shorter than normal counter height, as I am only 5’, but I’m concerned it wouldn’t hold up to what I want it for.

Edit: Yeah, read reviews at a few sites. Don’t think it will stand up to my abuse. I will likely save up my money for a nice sturdy butcher block island.

Amazon reviewers don’t seem to think very highly of this:

I bought the red one a few weeks ago (for $10 more I think). Looked up reviews first and some were great, but negative ones all complained about how hard it was to assemble and that the magnets on the door weren’t strong enough to keep it closed.

Well, my boyfriend assembled it and he said it wasn’t any more difficult than standard furniture assembly (though he is a very handy guy). The magnets are a bit weak but not bothersome; my doors stay closed. Tim usually is skeptical of my cheap furniture purchases, but he was very impressed by the solid and sturdy rubberwood top, which helps make the whole thing feel very sturdy.

We have a small kitchen with a little island and our stove recessed in it (which takes up valuable counter space). We have this next to the island and it’s a few inches shorter but not an issue. It has made a world of difference in our kitchen with the added counter space for food prep (he’s made pizza dough on it) and there’s surprisingly a lot of storage inside where I’m keeping an ice cream maker (also red and from Woot), a blender, a canister of kibble and about 30 cans of dog food. One of my most satisfying Woots ever! I’ll try to post a picture this evening of what it looks like in our kitchen once I get home.

Good reviews (3.4 out of 5.0) over at

You’re not the only one!

Get that pic up!

Ditto : !!!xo*#

Still at work! I’m in California :slight_smile:

I’ll probably post it after 6PM PT/9PM ET.

Ok! do it as soon as you get home though. I’m at work right now, and i’m contemplating whether or not to woot… Your pic will make or break… (dum dum dum) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m putting off walking the dog for this:

For the record: We live in an apartment and had no say over the paint color or tiles for our kitchen :-\

What a piece of shit this item is. I wasted $90.09 on this? It was flimsy, broke and did not have the correct screws that would hold some of the rails in place. I have been a faithful wooter since 2005 and have never been disappointed…until now. I guess every now and then ya’ll slip a POS in there for us gullible wooters to snag, thinking its a good deal. Signed, VERY DISAPPOINTED IN WOOT.

Sorry for the delay in response and to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your purchase. You should still have a 90 Day warranty through the manufacturer. I recommend that you contact Woot Member Service at and let them know what you’re experiencing. They’ll be able to help answer any questions or concerns you might have.

I disagree completely. This cart is amazing. I do believe individuals without comprehension and problem solving skills might find it intimidating, but any handy person can put these babies together. I have to say this island makes a world of difference in my kitchen. I basically have a work station to prep, leaving my limited counter space to other mundane things like dishes. For the price, I find everything of reasonable quality. I would suggest this for anyone that needs a little more room and takes cooking seriously. Why pay 300 plus for some metal monster twice the size when this baby does the job? Anyway, good luck out there.

I’m missed out on the woot that day btw…However! I just scored one right now :slight_smile: thanks for putting the pic up, even though i’m just seeing it now. I wish woot would have notified me when you replied. It looks great in your kitchen! I love the red, and was very tempted to go red just to add a little pop of color to our kitchen, but then my wife would have asked me what i was smoking. (our kitchen is of white cabinetry, and she likes everything matching) Thanks again!