Kitchen Clearance

I’m going to finally pull the trigger on the 15-inch Magnalite roaster. I remember my mom making party mix in one every Christmas, and it’s an iconic piece of cookware to me. Of course, like most things connected with my childhood, it will probably end up being an empty shell bringing on pain, remorse and self-loathing.

I bought the Waring Juice Extractor when it was previously on Woot. Haven’t had any issues at all with it. It’s worked great with everything I’ve thrown at it: celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, lemmons, ect…

The only downside is that some of the instructions aren’t terribly thorough. If you do a YouTube search for the model number there’s a couple videos about using it and taking it apart and cleaning it.

I will ask the same (unanswered) question I asked last time the $300 Omega Red blender sat in my cart un-purchased:

Is the company solvent??? The 10 year warranty means nothing if they’re going under - and the website sure looks like that of a company closing doors - a majority of the products show “out of stock”…

That’s something better asked of the Omega company. I’ve heard nothing about them going out of business. Could be they’re releasing a new line.