Kitchen Electric: Toastla & Blendison

Wow, the Cuisinart Wine Cellar seems to break down a lot. Too bad, but I’m glad I looked into it, otherwise I might have ordered one or two:

I check Woot regularly, and you very often have the best price. Not today, the toaster you have advertised isn’t $95~! at all, it’s not the expensive ‘commercial’ grade toaster but the home use one and it’s @ Best Buy for $35.00 your price $29.99. Disappointed Woot.

Looks like that Waring juice extractor is about $7.58 more new on Amazon with free Prime shipping and Amazon’s return policy.

i just saw the toaster oven on amazon for $21.99

[MOD: $21.99 + $22.74 shipping ]

The tea kettle is no deal at 34.99. Walmart has it for that price and Sears has it for 34.88.

I do not think there is any way that bun warmer will support my weight, but even if it did it does not look at all comfortable.

Anyone know if there is a difference between the Krups KT600E50 on Woot! and the KRUPS KT600 on Amazon site
Is this a refurb?

I think you’re looking at the WT200 and not the WPT450SA1.

Ours is new.

Woot! says one year warranty… Krups says 2-year worldwide warranty, which is it?

does anyone know if the refurb Cuisinart is 12 cup coffee maker is ok. I have read alot on Amazon that they die quickly.

We’ve spoken with Woot Staff who checked with the manufacturer.

The warranty was listed incorrectly on the Krups website and should be corrected shortly.

The warranty shown on today’s offers is accurate; 1 Year Krups Warranty.

Thanks for the inquiry!


Try that T-fal double burner griddle!

I have a refurb Cuisinart 12 cup that I bought from Woot 9 years ago. Still works great. Made at least one pot of coffee pretty much every day over that time. Don’t know if this newer model will last as long, but I’m willing to give them a shot.

Yea I was almost in for one my self, though those reviews were in 09 and 10 so maybe they corrected it.

I have the 10 Cup thermal Cuisinart that I bought from Woot 6 months ago and it is on the way to dead, stops after 1/2 the cycle.

Hey frank, I took the fall recently and got myself a unit. However, I cannot get the brewing process started D: I checked and rechecked the filter heads, reservoir heads, nothing. Aside from the shower brewing head, (that would mean taking the unit apart) I have absolutely no idea what else to check.

Unless the brewing cycle takes a ton of time, I am really quite at my wits end. Advice please? Thanks mate.

Its junk dont bother