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Specs and description doesn’t list it, but this has a 3.25 liter oil capacity.

I have one of these and it works great. The fan is a little noisy. It has multiple setting for every type of wine, red, white, blush. So it gets it to the actual degree. Love mine.

how long does this take to chill the wine?

Would someone at Woot PLEASE contact me? I order the fryer, only to discover my husband had just ordered it less than an hour before I did. Who knew he was listening when I said I wanted it?

Anyway, I sent an email from both the email address associated with my account, as well as the one I check more often. I need to get the second order cancelled, otherwise we may all die of heart attacks with two deep fryers in the house.

Thank you!

Caveat Emptor:
The Deep Fryer may just be a rebadged Cornballer.

Just send an email to the woot… their link is at the top of the page of the “stuff you bought” page. and they will be able to get it canceled for you. They are very good with returns and cancelations!

Soooo tempted by the deep fryer. Never had one before and always wanted one. I’m sure I’d hardly use it once a month, but still. Some recipes are just amazing when you have the right equipment.

Can someone push me over the edge? Do I want this deep fryer?

Does the coffee maker actually brew one cup at a time or store brewed coffee and dispense it?

line #2 in “features”:
“The double-wall reservoir keeps up to 12 cups fresh and hot”

I’m guessing that means it dispenses brewed coffee that’s scorched in 20 minutes.

I’m in need of a microwave, Woot, just so you know.

The Cuisinart SM-70 mixer has a custom curved spatula that is NOT mentioned HERE on WOOT! Do I hold out for the spatula?!
Even tho it’s plain white, the SM-70 DOES have features I have not found on the popular KitchenAid models, one of which comes in 26 colors. (See below for SM-70 product link w/video.)

KA lists only one 7qt, one 6qt, then 5qt models & smaller. C is 7qt. Many of KA also have tilt heads, but I didn’t see any w/a COUNTDOWN TIMER nor a PULSE CONTROL. KA has 10 set speeds, C has 12 VARIABLE SPEEDS so you can gradually increase. KA’s cheapest MSRP is $329; I’ve seen it just under $200 on a good sale, but it is the basic model.

Amazon reviews are quite good:

Product link w/video:

Vinyl is an adjective, actually.

In your use, it is clearly a noun. Vinyl can be an adjective, however it is also a noun. Records are made out of vinyl. Vinyl polymer can simply be called vinyl.

I am listening to Dark Side of the Moon on a vinyl record right now.

I could also say I am listening to Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl.

I could also say I am listening to my vinyl of Dark Side of the Moon.

I cannot say I keep my vinyls by the computer without being inaccurate or bringing down the wrath of woot. And when the wrath of woot hits, who knows how long it will take for my shirt to get here.

I have one of the wine coolers.

I call mine a fridge though.

Could also be a noun when used incorrectly.

Is the Waring glass?

Doesn’t say so in the specs.

Thank you!

I’m very sorry for the late reply.
Were you helped by Woot Member Services?

If you’re still having problems with cancelling you order(s) please feel free post here again and we can help you out.

Sorry again, we must have missed your post earlier today :confused:

Are you talking about the blenders?
According to an Amazon listing, they’re glass. They also appear to be glass…