Kitchen Equipment for Full Contact Cooking

Psst, Lock & Locks. Just saying. And I do love these particular bowls, actually. Agingdragqueen convinced me to get some. They’re nice for salads and stuff to bring for lunch. If I ever remembered to bring my lunch. :frowning:

Aww dang,

Can’t purchase this… Was going to, but then googled it and found cheaper on Amazon… Also reviews are 4 out of 5, which is good, but lots of people state pan portion is thin walled and the bottom was not flat, so only edges actually touch oven.

$50 shipped is $3 more then Amazon.

Now, now, you should know we’re just going to ask for a link.

At the risk of feeling foolish, I need an explanation of the “Condition” choices for the placemats. What is the difference between “New” and “new”, other than the height of the first letter? Will I get a different product if I select one instead of the other?

It’s just a letter.

The color ‘Azure Shimmer’ can be found under ‘new’ - all the other colors are listed under ‘New.’

Someone just make a mistake when entering that one so the system created two different drop-down options. So, if you’re looking for Azure Shimmer, it’s not sold out, just misplaced.

The spice racks are not as advertised. Sure you can get 20 bottles in 4" of space, but what they don’t tell you is that the racks require 4" on either side to allow the racks to turn. You’re better off with a lazy susan or the step shelves.

I’ve had my eye on these Lock and Lock Containers for awhile now, but the Only thing that is holding me back from getting them, is that they’re not air or water tight. Two important features that I like in storing perishable items.

Here is a link to a previous discussion about these Lock & Lock containers. It sounds like the airtight/water tight issue is more of a matter of preference based on what you want to use it for.

I was ready to get the Marcus Samuelsson Cookware MR202-SP 2Qt Sauce Pan, until I noticed the Features/Specs didn’t state if they were 18/10 stainless steel. They didn’t state what quality the stainless steel was at all. Can we get that info please? Thanks.

It’s probably been said, but the spice rack thing is crap and not worth the plastic it’s made of. Just saying.

Good explanation. I’ll send that in to get it fixed in the morning. Sorry for the confusion.

How large is the handle on the Messermeister San Moritz 12" Salmon Slicer?

Does anyone know about the Cat Cora knives? I’m not looking for anything spectacular, but I’d like something nicer than average to get me through until I can afford the $200 Shun knife I really want.

I got the two Cat Cora knives last time on Woot. I’ve had a number of high quality knives, and these are very acceptable ones in this price range. the 8" Chefs knife is now my go-to knife. The santuko knife is one I’ll save for Xmas for someone since I already have a 6"

Not sure what one has to do with the other, but thanks for letting us know… :slight_smile:

Those Cat Cora knives are perfect for me…mostly because I’ll never win on Iron Chef America, either…

I finally found the answer to my question. This is 18/10 tri-ply. The Marcus Samuelsson line was discontinued by Regal Ware and morphed into the American Kitchen line. The AK sauce pan doesn’t have the helper handle. I bought the AK sauté pans and 3 qt Everyday Pan and love them. I am looking forward to cooking with this pan. In for one.

From what I can tell there is no way to match the placemat color names to the pictures, anyone find this information anywhere? I don’t want to put an order in for what I think is the red placemat, and have a tan one arrive!