Kitchen Equipment for Full Contact Cooking

Sorry for the late reply, but if you hover over the images with your cursor (in the sale) the color description will be highlighted and tell you which color is which.

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Spice rack:
The metal brackets are not for mounting, they go inside the sliding trays. They give some weight to the tray and help to prevent racking.
Your shelves need to be flat or have no more than a quarter inch lip at the front or the racks cannot be extracted. If you have 2 racks, you need to have a 4 inch spacer between them to allow the racks to swing. So with 2 racks, you need 20 inches of cabinet shelf space, that is 8 inches for the racks, 12 in for swing area.
Having the rack mounted to a 1/4 in T shaped plywood form would allow items to be stored behind the swing area and add weight to the racks to prevent tipping when a rack is slid to the front to be swung. A clip in the back of the cabinet to further prevent tipping would allow the rack to be moved to the counter top if racks were mounted on the plywood base. A lazy susie is a one hand operation to get items, this device needs two, especially if items have weight.