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I think Lodge should have painted our ! logo green. Would have looked great with all the other colors in this event. Except those coffee makers. Who let them in here?


I can’t believe the L&L are already sold out! I missed it within 15 min. Ugh


The Lodge dutch oven is cheaper at amazon:

Also, I can’t imagine taking that camping considering it weighs 22 lbs, but my version of camping tends to involve hiking…


Don’t worry the L & L are not sold out…wait till the day after the next Woot Off and buy them for another 25% off over the Woot Off price…even though they said it was sold out!

Makes no sense to me…

So far that’s $7 extra dollars (in only 24 hours) you tricked me out of during Woot Off…Woot…Good Job! You have learned well from your Corporate Amazon masters!

Next time I know better!

Fool me once…Woot Off’s are no indication that it is a sale price…Just a gimmick to get more out of your wallet.

What happened to honesty in advertising?

From now on I wait till the “After Woot Off” sale!


This is one time I’m glad L&L are sold out. Mine seem to multiply in the dark of night and in the cabinets like lil bunnies…they’re taking over my kitchen and moving into other rooms…hellllp!


Hey, the woot “!” skillet is $5 off from previous sales.

Also, I am eyeballing another pyrex set, but only need the 3 smallest sizes… Hrm…


Anyone have experience with:

Krups GVX1 14 Burr Grinder?

My neighbor needs one desperately!!! I got him into freshly ground beans & I have generously given my time (and grinder time) for his beans but he really wants his own but is on a family budget!

I have owned Krups in the distant past but wonder about their build these days.



Not cheaper now! :tongue:

Now, go buy 3.


The Plum colander is $12.33 on Amazon


Put the Lodge 12" cast iron lid for sale at a decent price to go with all the Woot skillets you have sold


I too would like to know about the grinder. Want and need one but am on the fence.


Check out the reviews on Amazon. Out of 429, 150 of them are only one star, 82 are two.




Read some of those… most dont know anything about coffee grinding - giving one or two stars for it being too noisy (if your grinder is silent ya got a REAL problem) or that the grind coming out has some static on the container (even with anti-static claim) - these all have some static *especially during winter… all you do is give it a few taps against the sides before taking the container out and no mess!

Was hoping to hear from recent purchasers. Most 5 star users say they have had theirs for many years and have had no issues… problem is Krups may have changed some things so - anyone just buy this thing?


Sorry for the problems with the Pyrex. Shipping issues happen periodically with glass items. I’ve emailed customer service from this end so they can assist you. Also, be sure to check your spam folder for a response. We end up there quite a bit.


Woot Member Services has replied to your email this morning and assisted you with resolving this issue.

Thank you for your patience with this matter and let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.


Has not been my experience. I got broken glass and Woot! really went the extra step to get me happy.

Got this set last time, and NO rattling!



Sams Club is selling practically the identical one except instead of two, 7 cups there are a couple more 4 & 3 cups I think. Plus it’s 20 pieces instead of 18, all for 5 dollars less at 14.91 even with shipping it comes out as 5 bucks cheaper. I feel stupid cause I found it after I bought one from woot… :frowning:


you just blew my mind

I was at sams club yesterday and saw the set you are talking about but for WHATEVER reason didn’t look twice at them and bought the pyrex set on here today (it was the shipping, I had already bought something else and though heck why not these!) however I’m going to get rid of all my plastic stuff and go glass… so I’ll be buying the sams club set as well