Kitchen Fun-iture and Storage

Bar looks nice but not big enough for taller bottles i.e. 1.75L

Vertical upside-down wine storage is a BAD idea.

wonder what it is made of? Wonder what the dimensions are.

If you want to let us know which item you’re referencing, we’ll see what we can do to help you out.

Would appreciate dimensions & composition for item:
SEI HZ1010 Calabria Wall Mount Wine Rack.
Looks great but hard to make a decision without any information.

I too would love to know the width and height of the

SEI HZ1010

as well as the 6 bottle wire rack…sorry not sure the model #

The model number is SEI HZ1018…height and width please?

Unless you like to drink the sediment. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have this and it’s hanging on my wall filled with bottles. We get compliments all of the time. It looks good, but I can report that it feels kinda flimsy, but it’s been on my wall for more than 2 years now with use and no issues.

Just found specs for the bar over at Amazon. If these are correct, the large shelf would be tall enough for a 1.75L bottle, however the depth & length of the shelf insure that it would be the ONLY thing on it. You could probably get 2, maybe 3 bottles on it, tops.

Just click on the SPEC tab right below the picture.

There is no “SPEC” tab below that item. Also, the features include Feature 1, Feature 2, and [gasp] Feature 3!

I was skeptical at first, but this list of features have won me over.

EGADS! Nobody pointed this out. We really screwed up. I’ve sent it in.

EDIT: Fixed!

So why is this in home.woot and not wine.woot?