Kitchen Gadgets

Was interested in the mandoline, until I saw you save a whopping 30 cents?!! Then add shipping on top of that, you can get better deals (with comparable reviews) shipped overnight with Prime at Amazon. 2 percent savings - whoo hoo! Pass.

I bought the cheese slicer recently on woot! It does work, but can’t say I’m as happy with the part of the tool that is to be used to cut hard cheeses. I was hoping for a bit thicker cut rather than the pretty thin one I got - I tried it several times with 2 different hard cheeses. I think that blade might do well if you want shaved curls of bar chocolate (as decorations - like curls).

same here a whopping 2% off “list”

For the Zevro Press & Measure, I can’t see the different measurement lines from the picture. What are the available measurements?