Kitchen Garage Sale

The Ogio stackable produt dimensions do not appear to be the larger item pictured

So the mugs are plastic, right? Just checking.

Yes, they’re BPA-free which means plastic.

I agree with ddarity, the Oggi stackable product spec description/dimensions do not match the stock photo for the product. The actual product is much smaller. Can someone please tell me what is actually shipped; the narrow 4.25" or the wider one shown in the photo?

Checking. Sorry about that.

UPDATE: Well, we tried to get updated info from the vendor last time these ran with no luck. :frowning:

Hey Woot, the price of the Omega food dehydrator increased $40 since two days ago? At $200 I was a buyer, but at $240 it’s the same price as the equivalent model on Amazon Prime (branded as an Excalibur model 3926TB there, but the same machine otherwise).

Switch back to $200 please.

It’s still at $199 but it’s on Sport.

For some reason, the one in this event was priced different. We’ve sold out the one in this event.