Kitchen Knives

Looks like some sharp deals. At least I know the Kuhn Rikon ones are painfully sharp (second hand knowledge, this is what the community tells me).

Share your experiences right here!

I bought the greenish-yellow set (in the block, not on the strip) when it was offered as a standard woot. The knives themselves seem very sharp and also well-constructed. They are very attractive in color and style. I have them mounted to a 3rd-party knife strip for easy access-- so although I can’t speak to this exact strip, the idea of a magnetic strip for knives is one I’m strongly in favor of. The block itself was not unattractive (matte black finish), but my counter space is very limited.

Jeez. I just wish i had a band-aid. You know, just in case.

I have the frost set, on the strip. Bought from home.woot last time they had it up (feel like I paid $65, but probably faulty memory. Probably paid more, knowing me.) ANYWAY.

These knives are fantastic. Some folks said the handles weren’t ergonomic, but they definitely work for my tiny lady hands. Can’t speak to the patterned sets (heard those handles get really slippery). The blades on these things are also insane. I managed to cut myself once unpacking them, once putting them up on the strip and at least three more times over the next three weeks of use, not to mention the time one sliced through the paper towel I was using to dry it. All the cuts have been very light surface cuts, so not really a big deal (though the time I didn’t realize I cut myself and was bleeding on the 4th of July potato salad, kind of a big deal.)

SO. To recap. Knives. Good. Sharp. Magnetic strip. Very grippy (and has a fun spot in the middle to hold the sharpening doohickey stick.)

I highly recommend picking up a set of these (and maybe a box of bandaids if you’re as clumsy and accident prone as I am.)

I love these knives. I was warned that they are very sharp. First day of use, I cut the top of my indes finger off!! Took a few days to stop bleeding. I still love the knives and extra careful now.

I got the Wolfgang Puck shears set when they were on home.woot a couple of weeks ago because it’s a bargain price (most of the detachable-blade kitchen shears I’ve seen were $15+ for one pair) and the Puck mixing bowls my wife has had for years are fantastic.

So far, the shears are fantastic, too. Very sharp in the package, the sheaths snap on tightly, the pivots fit snugly but separate easily. I haven’t used them nearly enough to judge edge-holding yet, but they seem to be made of pretty good steel, so I’m optimistic.

I agree that the Kuhn Rikon knives are painfully sharp and stay that way for a good long time!

I just bought, a few days ago and I’ve been using it so I can’t return it, the bamboo knife dock offered here. Gonna pick up another one here because I have a lot of knives - I’m a sucker for patterned or prettily colored knives.

The knife dock is very handy for keeping the Kuhn Rikon knives sharp side down and prevents the blades from banging into each other. It fits nicely in drawers. I don’t have to remember where the knife came from when I take it out of the dock. I can just stick it in any old place in the dock when I’m done.

I prefer the knife dock to the magnetic strip because it’s safer for me - all I need is an exposed sharp surface and odds are I’ll cut myself. Kind of a menace to myself …

I know exactly how you feel in this regard. :frowning:

I have the Ginsu set from a while back, and they’re great. I’ve yet to cut myself…

The one thing I’ll say is that the picture is misleading for the “crimson” color. They look reddish, but they’re more of a dark pink color. Granted, nobody is going to make fun of you for having pink knives when they’re this sharp.

Cool stuff

The animal print sets are actually really nice. Very sharp, the design definitely stays on there. Excellent conversation piece and cuts through meat like butter.

are they made in the USA?

We have tile throughout our kitchen walls - is there an easy way to hang up this magnetic strip without having to drill a hole through the tile?

It’s a Swiss company, so, even if they weren’t made in China, they wouldn’t be made in the USA. But they are made in China.

People keep writing that these knives are great because they are so sharp they cut themselves. Any decent knife should be that sharp out of the package. If you buy knives that aren’t that sharp, then they are crappy knives.

If you are used to dull knives, then please read a bit about knife safety before buying a sharp one. Here are some tips, but please read and practice:

Put the knife down when you aren’t cutting with it.

Don’t have anything you don’t want to cut, like your hand, in line with the blade. That means don’t hold something, like a bagel, in your hand to cut it.

Keep your thumb out of the way. It’s a bit unnatural to curl your thumb back, but you’ll get used to it, and it beats surgery.

The Ginsu knives are great. I have a matching eggplant steak and block set. Very sharp. For my purpose, I don’t need a super sharp knife. This is still better quality than what you get at Wal-mart.

In for 2 of the cheetah spot ones. One for a friend. Was debating on it because the animal prints look silly and I’d rather have plain knives but figured I’d test the Kuhn Rikon out for the price and my friend is crazy for weird prints.

I’m so upset I missed the Ginsus! Bring them back ASAP, ok? Amazing how a once-upon-a-time infommercial joke grew into so a well-regarded brand. Ah, there IS no accounting for the strangeness of life…