Kitchen Storage: A-Store-able

Maybe I’m just an old curmudgeon but it always irritates me that these XX piece sets include the lids as pieces.
It should be as functional units of tops and bottoms.

I have the Pyrex set and they are of excellent quality, including the lids. You can’t go wrong with Pyrex and this is a good deal.

I completely agree. Old curmudgeons unite?

I have several of the Sistema containers and really like them except for one thing. The rubber flange is super difficult to get out of the lids which makes them more difficult to wash. The Snapware containers I bought from Woot previously haven’t held up as well. I have had some of the snaps break off on first and second use, but the flanges are much easier to pop out and back in so much easier to wash and many of their lids can be used on multiple containers so less searching for a lid that fits.

Are these ‘snapware’ containers for people with Disabilities? I guess I’m just so proficient with a ‘Tupperware’ type container that I wouldn’t need snapware…just curious and an old curmudgeon too boot.

There are two 20-piece Sterilite sets, and I like the shapes and sizes of the set with vented lids better. However, I do not plan to use them in the microwave but would like to use them in the freezer, and I wonder if the vented lids hold up as well in the freezer or affect the freshness of the food compared to the non-vented set. Does anyone have experience with this?

Aaaand, a sales catagory of “bowls with lids that hold food” should be called “FOOD storage”, not “kitchen storage.” Kitchen storage is where you store the bowls that hold your food storage.
As in:
“We need more storage in this tiny kitchen, dear husband. When are you going to install those new cabinets you bought on WOOT last year?!”
“We need more storage in this tiny kitchen, dear husband. When are you going to buy more bowls with lids?!”

Some day, woot will get out of bed with Snapware and bring back Lock 'n Lock containers! Curmudgeons have spoken!

The gaskets in the lids are supposed to help keep food fresher. The snaps started elsewhere. Korea maybe? Or Europe. I know my father got his set years ago when he was working in Switzerland.

Yes. It’s Lock & Lock or nothing for me, too! This stuff is just not that good.

How about if I’m not old, and I’m kinda cute, but cranky? Can I be a young curmudgeon? I don’t wanna be left out. Huh? Can I?