Kitchen Storage

I picked up 2 sets of these a while back. They are a great deal! I bring lunch to work in these so I can pop it into the microwave without the worry of melted plastic bits mixing with my food. They stack nicely in a cabinet but the lids a slightly troublesome to remove from the bottom of the larger container. (The smaller container sits on its lid inside the larger container) I may get more and phase out all of our plastic containers except the Lock&Locks. You hear that WOOT? Get the Lock&Locks back. I’m in for more!

We picked up a set of the pyrex storage bowls. So far they are great. The only complaint I have is that the largest bowl (the red lid), does not seal as tightly as it should.

If you call the customer service for ShopWorldKitchen (the number is on the little paper that comes with all pyrex sets), they’ll send you out a new one. They have the best customer service.

Sad, I always seem to miss the 18pc sale. I’ve been trying to snag it for a few months now.

The information states that the Pyrex glass can go into the freezer and suggests that the entire set (glass and plastic lid) is freezer safe, but it never really says outright that the lids are OK for use in the freezer. Has anybody tried this? Do the lids stay tight and secure in the freezer? Does freezing increase the likelihood of the lids cracking?

I have a slightly different set, and I’ve definitely put them in the freezer (homemade froyo) with no issues with lids cracking. I’ve been using the set really regularly for about 1 1/2yrs now, so I don’t have any long-term experience yet.

That’s good to know. Thank you!

I got two of the 18 piece sets and love them except for one design flaw: Same-size bowls stick together something fierce! They are not angled enough to stack, so you always have to put smaller in the bigger ones. Not a huge problem, but people may want to know about it.

I had a couple stick together so bad that I had to put the stack on ice and put boiling water in the top one. They finally came unstuck with a couple love taps. Mostly they’ll pop out, but I’m always scared of breaking them.

I finally got the rest of the family to stop putting same-size ones together and haven’t had any problems since.

Thanks! I will give that a try.

I don’t understand why woot! hasn’t started back up with Lock&Lock???

I have even seen them at my local TJMaxx.

When L&L went down I stocked up so just feel bad for those who don’t have a house full of L&L.