Kitchen Storage

Is the 26 piece Snapware set posted twice, with 2 different prices?

Here is the second occurance.


The sale you linked should only be the 16pc. I ask for a fix. Thanks for letting us know.

Should have ordered 2 before the price went up! :smiley:


Wondering if this is actually a 24 piece set or just a 12 piece set. I know it says 24 but there are only 12 listed.

Lids count as a piece. It’s an industry standard.

Got mine yesterday and the 7 cup container has a chip on it. Woot wants to credit me $4.00 but it costs double that to replace it.

The cheapest I can find one is for $7.99 at target.

Woot customer service got ahold of me, they refunded me enough to get an 7 cup container. All is well.
Thanks Woot!