Kitchen Warfare

This would be better than a Swiss Army Knife…if it could fit in your pocket!

This makes me think of those old highlights magazine hidden items games

I suspect we’ll be seeing one of these on Food Network or the Cooking Channel in approximately 6 months.

We don’t see a lot of olive tees, but this one fits the color perfectly.

This is an awesome shirt. I’m going to start measuring my kitchen utensils by caliber now.

“Please pass the fork.”
“Would you like the .22 caliber or the .30?”
“.30 please, this is a tough steak.”

I could see this as the unofficial uniform for the recruitment class at some hardcore cooking school. Seriously.

This shirt is really cheesy…

This shirt opens up my eyes to the true nature of housewives and chefs.

Yeah, you have to always be careful of the velocity of the garlic coming through that press at the top… you could shoot an eye out!

Or kill a vampire at a great distance.

This is the kind of thing Rambo wears when he makes breakfast.

What’s on top of the butcher’s knife? It’s what the sight would be on a real rifle.

Maybe if I get this for my wife, it will convince her to let me get a gun. It’s a never-ending struggle.

Looks like a utility knife, then a spoodle, and then a garlic press.

Damn, my wife loves guns and cooking… will she be offended if I buy this for her?

A nutcracker.

I don’t see a nutcracker anywhere.

Only newbs use the pepper grinder attachment.

Is that a funnel at the end of the rifle, above the fork??

I see
rolling pin
pepper mill
cheese slicer
garlic press
paring knife
salt shaker
butcher knife