KitchenAid 10-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

**Item: **KitchenAid 10-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set
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Let’s learn more about the aluminum

Dont waste your time and money on coated Non-stick cookware. Go spend your money on good stainless steel or better cast iron. Every thing cooks better in cast. Especially bacon

No it doesn’t. Cast iron can impart a metallic taste to some foods. especially acidic foods and soups, or any food that cooks very slowly, i.e. braising. Seasoning the iron can help but not always.

As a medical scientist, give me Teflon and similar coatings over cast iron anyday. That’s because it’s non-reactive and non-toxic (in solid form). Yes, I said non-toxic, and I can go into that if anyone wants. That’s why we use it in so many medical devices and implants. The molecule simply doesn’t bind to anything significant.

I find it especially ironic that you wrote, “Don’t waste your time…” Cleaning and maintaining non-stick cookware is BY FAR easier than doing the same for cast iron and even stainless steel. One or two swipes with a soapy sponge and my pans are clean. And being oleophobic, oils slide right off. Try that with your cast iron, seasoned or not.

And yes, I can deglaze just fine…

I had these in an apartment in college. They were fine for that.

I too wouldn’t waste my money on these for any real cooking though. Though not because for the reason above. The set I had warped and the coating scratches really easily. Aluminum just isn’t a great material for cookware.

Spend a little more money and get stainless steel with teflon if you really need the coating. It’s easier to clean and the heat distribution will be much better.

Cast iron is certainly best for bacon.

So you’re not using aluminum then?

I’ve had a very similar set of KitchenAid cookware for about 2 years. The things we used frequently - the large skillet and large sauce pan - wore out very quickly. The teflon coating starting chipping after about a year and seriously started peeling off after 18 months. After picking up a nice new skillet from TJ Max I can see the value in more expensive cookware. However, if you have nothing to cook with and are on a budget this will do just fine.

If the cast iron is properly seasoned then food will never touch the iron and it will not be reactive.

Seasoning is not just applying a layer of oil. Here is a great article written by someone who did actual research on the topic instead of just accepting “conventional wisdom”.

Non-stick cookware certainly has its place; I own a pan for eggs, pancakes, and other things that stick like crazy.

I mostly cook on tri-ply stainless, though.

I am not saying that what I prefer is what others should do, as the OP did. A non-stick set makes sense for people who want to minimize cleaning effort at the cost of flexibility (temperature, utensils, being able to see how the caramel is doing, etc.) and longevity (non-stick surfaces wear away over time). To each his own.

I prefer cooking on a gas stove using mostly stainless steel. That’s what I like.