KitchenAid 10-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set

**Item: **KitchenAid 10-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set
Price: $89.99
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Condition: New

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How about some reviews from owners of this lovely set?

We got this set three years ago as a wedding present. It has suffered a few minor dings here and there but has held up remarkably well. My biggest complaint with our set is the fact the lid handles get too hot to handle with bare hands, but looking at the current model it looks like they addressed that problem by adding silicone to the handles. Wish ours had that!

Sorry woot, but ceramic is the way to go these days. Heating teflon (and similar non-stick coatings) to a high temperature can release carcinogens. There’s a reason they say not to use teflon around birds. Just like in the mines, birds are a good indicator of poisonous gases.

I’ve cooked exclusively with Teflon pots and pans in a 600 square foot condo for > 10 years, and none of my birds (cockatiels and parrotlets) ever died.
Also; Ceramic cookware (Like knives) is very fragile, you can’t stack pans in a drawer without something in between them, so it’s not for everyone.