KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender - 6 Colors

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KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender - 6 Colors
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Compared prices at Amazon…

Depending on one’s color choice, prices range from $122.00 (not includinge shipping) to $160.00 (prime) for “Aqua Sky Blue” -___-

Dang reviews drive me CRAZY! From one extreme to the other. Out of 51 reviews, 33 had 5 stars, then the 1 and 2 star reviews (5) had legitimate complaints. (Bypassing the 3 & 4 star reviews.)

We have a similar blender in a competing brand. The square base on the jar is a good feature.

The KitchenAid blender that I have I think must be one model prior to this one. It looks almost exactly like this one, but the buttons on mine look just slightly different, and I don’t have the slow start feature which I think would be really nice. I like my blender so much and made so many smoothies with it that I managed to break the blade away from the canister, but I am sure it was due to my putting too much frozen fruit in without enough liquid because I thought that would work better with the crush ice setting. Anyway, I couldn’t have been more pleased with KitchenAid’s customer service. I explained that it should still be under warranty but that I did not have a receipt for it because it was a Christmas gift. All I had to do was provide the serial number, and they sent a brand new replacement canister (including lid, though my old one was fine) to me right away. I did not have to return the broken one or pay any shipping charges. Now that I have learned my lesson about increasing the liquid to frozen fruit ratio from the beginning, I have had no problems with my blender. I still love it and would highly recommend it to anyone.

I don’t want another hundred dollar blender that doesn’t really work. I want a VITAMIX…post some soon please!!!


Someone really took their time arranging that fruit to be in exactly the same place for each color.

I love my KitchenAid blender but it has the glass jar, I just don’t think I would go for plastic.

I think the color is supposed to be “onyx black” not “onXY black” :stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance we can get the model number on this?

I’d like to make sure the reviews on other sites are for the same blender.

Ooooh, we thought we hid that one really well. Good job finding it.

Don’t have a model number but it’s called the 5-Speed Diamond. Look at the buttons on the others and you can tell the difference.

I recently became an owner of this blender. And I recommend buying it. What are my qualifications? I have made frozen margaritas almost daily for years and have used many blenders. While most are good, I would say this is the best I have used. Almost all of them will ultimately blend to the desired consistency if given enough time and done correctly, this one does as well. I like it because the container is large and has a pointed spout that pours well (the one I replaced was rectangular and was impossible to pour out of without being messy). It is simple, yet stylish. I assume because of the brand that it is well made and will last a while. I also own a Margaritaville blender that was given to me and am using this one in lieu of it because I consider the Margaritaville blender to be a gimmicky piece of garbage. But that is a whole other topic.

I guess if your budget for a blender is $100 go for it. If you want a real blender get a Vitamix or Blendtec, anything else sucks!